Our Services

Listed below are our services.

Domestic & Industrial Cleaning Operation: We offer a seasoned and professional Home services on a day to day basis. Our Staff are well trained in the roles they carry out and are geared to delivering the best service you require at you Home.

 The following are covered in our services:
  • Occupied Apartment (Moving Home / Office)
  • Empty Apartment ( Moving Home /Office)
  • Private and Public Places.
  • Betting Venues
  • Care Homes

High Level Cleaning: All Cleaning that requires access aid to work above 6 Meters are classified as High Level Clean. And is a high Risk

Our Scope:
  • High Rise Building
  • Crane and Roof Lifts
  • Beams and Pillars
  • Warehouse Lights
  • Warehouse Partitions

Painting and Refurbishment: Deep Cleaning of ailing Equipment and refurbishment in accordance to ISO 9001 and OSHA 18001. All project delivered by our competent Project Managers sound Engineering Field.

Our Scope:
  • Facility Management
  • Facility Upgrade
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Waste Evacuation and Management
Recruitment and Supply of Labour:
APCleaning Jservices recruits competent individuals who wishes to join the Cleaning Industry and give them the requisite experience required in the Industry to grow. Trainees, Experienced , Graduates are welcomed to apply: Just go the Contact us Form and Submit your Application Letter and the Administrative Officers will contact yoiu to discuss the available oportunities.